• Automated controls allow system to self-tune
  • Stainless steel core components for years of continuous service
  • Felts used for waste collection are low cost
  • Modular system can be scaled from small footprint, mobile skids up to full sized treatment plants
  • Extremely effecient compared to conventional technologies: Low power; No chemicals; Only solid waste (for mining applications)
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Off grid ready
  • Oilfield produced waters can be cleaned for reuse or processed to ground discharge
  • Mining waters can be reclaimed to acceptable discharge levels
  • Issued patents: 9,115,013, 10,007,199, & 10,167,211

Sophisticated Water Filtration

Sophisticated controls combined with mechanical simplicity.

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Self Tuning Capabilities

Our MK-III process is responsive & self tuning for efficiency.

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Principles of Operation


Source water is held in a collection tank before being fed to the cavitation pod inlet at a controlled pressure. Cavitation begins as the fluid passes through the screen element inside the pod and continues to cascade from the outer surface of the screen. At this point, solids have been taken out of solution and can be filtered through a simple felt bag filter before being emptied into an effluent tank or back to stream.


Process flow diagram sans membrane


The Cavitation Process


cav process



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