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Our MK-III process consistently produces incredibly clean water... Direct from downhole & without the need for pre-treatments.

Because our system is configured in stages, each bit of water passes through multiple cavitation pods connected in series. In this configuration we utilized 4 stages, with each stage doing only a portion of the work. For this reason we have taken samples from the output of each individual stage to make it more clear how the individual portions of the system work, as well as how they work as a whole. This also demonstrates how the system can be scaled up or down to obtain desired discharge levels, allowing for a less complex system if acceptable discharge can be obtained after only two to three stages.


The following is an explanation of this spreadsheet:

Result-Start: Beginning sample. These numbers represent the starting point of the water, as it comes out of the ground

Result-40-1: Results after the first stage of cavitation only

Result-40-2: Results after the first two stages of cavitation

Result-10-1: Results after the first three stages of cavitation

Result-10-2: Results after four complete stages of cavitation. This represents the final output of the system.


oil results


Oklahoma Oilfield Run Results:

oil results Oklahoma


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